Hello! Welcome to my blog, Fit to Frolick. Yes, that’s right, frolick with a “k.” My name is Shelby. I am a 21 year-old college student-athlete with a passion for being physically active and eating delicious food.

That’s me in the middle looking like a starfish. As you can probably guess, I play basketball.

I decided to start this blog as a way to share my views/knowledge on fitness and nutrition. I have been an athlete my entire life playing an array of sports from power tumbling to soccer and cross country to basketball. In addition to sports, over the years I have been known to attend various fitness classes including cycling, belly dancing, and hot yoga. Recently, I have become fascinated with nutrition and the wonderful things a healthy diet can do for my body. I am constantly looking for new, fun ways to stay active and healthy, delicious recipes to fuel my body. This blog is a way for me to not only express my views, but also forces me to commit to the life I preach. This will be a learning experience for me and I ask you, the reader, to bear with me.

First things first, what this blog will be:

This blog will contain various posts dealing with the fitness and nutrition field. If the posts do not directly pertain to something I have done myself (i.e. workouts, recipes, workout gear, etc.) they will deal with things I believe and my overall philosophy. Please keep in mind that my philosophy is my own. It has been developed over my many years of participation in athletics and is ever-changing. I do not claim to be an expert in either the fitness or nutrition fields, and as such should not be thought of as one. However, if you do have any questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to give you an answer! I would be more than happy to tailor a few posts to individual requests. 🙂

My wonderful boyfriend, Anders, and I.

Occasionally, there will be guest posts from the handsome guy in the picture above, as well as a few of my other friends who have extensive athletic backgrounds.

I ask you to be patient and open-minded as I explore what works for me, my body, and my life. I hope you enjoy this and future posts and am excited to share my knowledge and experiences with you.

Stay tuned, more to come!

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