Handy Dandy DIY iPod Holder

Good morning everyone! Nothing says rise and shine for me like a morning run. It is another rainy and wet morning here, but that didn’t stop me from springing  falling out of bed and into my running shoes. I probably made it a little over two miles. I’ll need to check that out later today, but I digress.

If you are anything like me, you love working out/running/cooking/doing just about everything to music. It just makes time go faster and the pain a little less (at least in my head, and that is all that matters).

When working out and running my iPod is a must. But where to put it? If I am running I can just hold it in my hand (although I have been known to have a spastic moment and hurl it at the ground on accident) but if I am lifting or doing some other workout that may not be a viable option.

Sure you can go buy one of those fancy straps made especially for your model of iPod and blah blah blah. I’m a poor college student. I have clothes books to buy. I would much rather make my own for cheap. And besides, do they make Betty Boop Valentine’s Day themed iPod holders. I didn’t think so, but I made one! No sewing involved.

DIY iPod Holder (So simple)

1 tube sock (8 inches or longer)


1. Lay your tube sock flat.

2. Cut the “toe” end off so that it is no longer a tube sock, but just a tube.

3. If you like the design of your tube sock (like I do) flip it inside out before you put it on your arm. Slide the tube up your arm. Fold the bottom toward the top, creating a pocket. Insert your iPod. NOW WORKOUT!

This is all you need. Good luck finding a sock as cool as mine!

Finished product. Perfect for runs and workouts.

Wasn’t that simple? And it works so well! It keeps the iPod in place really well. Another plus, when it gets really sweaty and smelly, just throw it in the wash with your other socks. You can’t do that with those fancy straps! Give it a whirl and go for a run to test it out.


Happy listening!

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