Tips for Traveling in Tip Top Shape.

Me and my teammates in front of Kylemore Abbey in Ireland. Talk about unfamiliar surroundings!

***As appeared in Adventures of Alex & Emily**

If you are anything like me, you LOVE traveling. There are too many places to go, too little time. But if you are also like me, it is hard for you to stay in a fitness routine while on the road. Traveling usually means a crazy schedule, limited gym availability and all together unfamiliar surroundings.


There are some things you can do to stay on track toward your fitness goals.

Tips for Travel:

1. Check out your hotel online beforeyou leave. That way you can scope out if they have a gym, pool, or both!

2. No gym? Go for a run! It is a great way to get acquainted with the area you are staying in. Not sure how far you have gone? Use a website like  or They are free and easy to use. Easy to use and it’s free

3. Running not really your thing? There are tons of workouts you can do right in your hotel room (yes, even in a tiny little space). Click here  for some great videos for in-your-room workouts.

4. Throw a jump rope and some resistance bands into your suitcase before you go. They are very compact and will add little to no weight to your bag. You can get a great cardio and strength workout in with minimal equipment.

Try this: Do 10 sets

– 100 jumps, as fast as possible

– 10 push ups

– 10 sit ups

5. Wintertime? Crank up the heat in your room and do some hot yoga! Search “Lauren Hanna Foster” on iTunes for some great, free podcasts. There are routines ranging from 10 to 90 minutes.

6. Crazy schedule? Pressed for time? Believe me, I know how that goes. Try a workout from my previous post Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes


Pulling inspiration from another of my previous posts 10-minutes-to-death, another short and sweet workout (but extremely intense):

Do 5 sets:

-10 burpee/push up combo

– 20 sit ups

– 10 split squat jumps

If all else fails, go for a walk. Get moving somehow, some way. Not only will you stay on track for your fitness goals, but you will be better able to cope with jet lag. Exercise helps you to adapt to time changes much better than if you are to stay sedentary. So do what you can to fit in a workout during your trip. Your body and mind will thank you!

Check back later for some tips for eating healthy on the road.


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