Meet My New Best Friend.

An intense workout schedule will begin to take its toll on anyone, myself included. Preseason would certainly fall under the classification of “intense workout schedule.” Some days we have up to 3 workouts: strength and conditioning, individuals, AND pick up. It doesn’t matter how good of shape you are in, 4+ hours a day in the gym is going to make you sore. That’s where my new best friend comes in:

The Foam Roller

Foam rolling has worked wonders on my sore muscles. In the past week it is safe to say I have spent at least 20 minutes a day on the foam roller. Each time I feel like a new person, which is why it has become my best friend.

Have you been really sore from your workouts lately? If so, grab a foam roller and try some of these:


  • Roll from your butt to the back of your knees
  • To intensify: lift one leg so that all of your weight is on the other


  • Roll from your low back all the way across your glute
  • To intensify: lean more/all of your weight onto the side you are rolling
  • Tight hips? if you can’t get your leg in that figure four position (some days I can’t, don’t worry) just lean to whichever side you would like to roll. It won’t be as intense, but will still work.

Lower/Upper Back:

  • This one is by far my favorite. Roll all the way from your low back to your neck
  • Raise arms overhead to pinpoint other areas


  • Roll from your knee to your hips/pelvic bone
  • This one is wonderful after a heavy leg day

IT Band:

  • ****Warning****: the first time you do this one, it WILL be painful. Don’t stop, it starts to feel much better
  • Lay on your side and roll from your knee all the way up your hip
  • If all of your weight makes this one too intense and painful, take your top leg and place is as seen in the second picture. It will reduce the pressure and intensity

Other areas to try:

  • Shins- lay on your stomach, like you are going to roll out your quads. Roll from ankles to knee. Works wonders on shin splints if I get them
  • Calves- Sit on your butt like you are going to roll out your hamstrings. Roll from Achilles to knee.

If you have never tried using a foam roller and are suffering from muscle tightness or soreness, pick one up and give it a try. If you don’t have access to a foam roller and would like one of your own click here. There you can find foam rollers of different densities. Find the one that fits your needs. Give it a try!

Happy Rolling!

3 responses to “Meet My New Best Friend.

  1. In the absence of weekly massages, the black foam roller has been MY best friend, too. To get deep in those spots the roller can’t, I use a lacrosse ball, including two that are duct-taped together

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