My Sweet Tooth is Calling: Sweet and Simple Snack.

Hi. Long-time-no-blog. So sorry about that! It has been a crazy, transition-filled week and a half. The first week and a half of preseason has left me tired, sore, and with little time to blog. Between lifting, shooting, tutoring, homework, and getting enough rest to keep all of that up, something had to be sacrificed. Now that I am kind of in the swing of things, hopefully I will work in a bit more time to blog.

Good news: last Thursday, I made my final mile test of my college career. Yippeeeee! No more anxiety the night before the day of the mile (although I didn’t really feel it this year). Such a great feeling.

This past week has certainly made me sore, check back later for a post about how I deal with that soreness.

For now, I wanted to pass along a quick and easy snack idea that is quite delicious.

PB and Chocolate Covered Banana

1 banana, sliced length-way

all-natural (only crushed peanuts) peanut butter

chocolate chips

1. Slice the banana delicately. Make sure both halves stay in one piece.

2. Gently spread desired amount of peanut butter.

3. Place chocolate chips on top of peanut butter.

Simple and Delicious. Finished Product.

That’s it! It was that easy. And it does not disappoint with sweetness and flavor. Each bite is packed with salty and sweet. Serve it as a dessert or an afternoon snack.


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