CrossFit Games. Yes.

Remember that post I wrote a while ago (I think it was the second one of my entire blog) about the importance of goal setting? If not, feel free to check it out. If you remember, one of my long-term goals is to make it to the CrossFit games.

Never heard of CrossFit or the CrossFit games?

Check this out:


Look pretty intense? That’s because it is. But it looks like so much fun!

But why post about this now if it is one of my long-term goals that I obviously haven’t even come close to accomplishing yet? Because now is your chance to check out the 2012 games on ESPN2! Yay!

Copyright: CrossFit Games

The games have been airing on ESPN2 since mid-September and will continue over the next few weeks. Click here for the full schedule and tune in tonight at 8 pm EST to see what it’s all about. Maybe one day you’ll see me there! 🙂


Check it out!

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