Spring Has Not Yet Sprung. Quick Treadmill Workout.

Can someone please inform Mother Nature that the calendar says it has been spring for a few days already?

photoI need for someone to let her know before I venture back home next week. Brrrr.

While overall in the city the forecast is looking about the same +10 degrees, it is not quite warm enough for me to venture outdoors for my runs. Believe me, I wish it were. Few things I detest more than running on a treadmill. So boring.

This morning I wanted to get a little run in, but 30 degrees, as I said, was just a tad nippy. So treadmill it was. I decided to get a little creative.

Treadmill Incline Pyramid

Pace: 1.0-1.5 mph slower than your normal 2-3 mile pace. For example, when I am running on the treadmill I usually run 8.0-8.5 mph so for this workout I chose 7.0 mph. If your pace is 6.0-6.5 mph, then shoot for 5.0 mph and so on.

Time (in minutes) Incline
5:00 0-warm up
1:00 1.0
1:00 2.0
1:00 3.0
1:00 4.0
1:00 5.0
1:00 4.0
1:00 3.0
1:00 2.0
1:00 1.0
5:00 0-cool down

Total Time: 20 minutes

**CHOOSE YOUR PACE WISELY!! This workout may not look like much, but by the time you get to the top of the pyramid you will be feeling the burn. I speak from experience.

Rather than the 5 minute cool down following the pyramid, I ran as fast as I could until the distance read 2.0 miles, then walked for about 3 minutes to cool down. Listen to your body and do what feels right. This workout, thankfully, livened up a boring treadmill run. If you decide to try this quick little workout, you won’t be disappointed.

Give it a try!

6 responses to “Spring Has Not Yet Sprung. Quick Treadmill Workout.

      • It was tough! I wasn’t sure what my “normal” run speed might be, so I picked a number between my warm up speed and my current interval speed. I ended up having to slow down each time I upped the incline, but when I started going back downhill, I picked up the speed again. I really enjoyed it, and will def be doing it again. But hey-it was the longest continuous run I’ve done in oh….several years. 🙂

      • congrats on your longest run in several years! that is awesome. its great that you dove in a tried the workout. It is definitely tough but i am glad you enjoyed it.

      • Thanks! It felt great, and I even ran yesterday-it was actually decent out. I’ve decided to add this workout to my usual gym routine to help improve my endurance. I’ll be alternating with intervals.

  1. I tried it too!! My pace was 6mph since you warned me that it was pretty though. At the incline 5 I had to push myself harder but at the end before cool down I even run a little extra because I wasn’t that tired yet. Next time I will increase my pace a little bit. Thanks Shelb!!

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