Back to Philly.

Welp, I made it back to Philadelphia in one piece. I slept on my flight to Chicago (a whopping 45 min flight) and I was lucky enough to have an entire row to myself on my way to Philly. I stretched my legs out and snoozed for the entire 1.5 hour flight. Despite those two naps, I was dragging by the time I got home. Needless to say, 3:30 A.M wake up calls are rough on the body.

I didn’t take a nap when I got home so I can get to bed at a decent time tonight, but opted to go food shopping instead. With all the travel at the end of the season and my near week-long trip home left my fridge pretty bare. I restocked and will have some delicious new recipes for you later in the week.

Despite my short night of sleep I still wanted to get in a workout. I did a long run yesterday, and although I am not too sore, I still wanted to give my joints a day off from pounding on the treadmill. I decided to do a stationary bike workout. I made it up right before I walked into the gym and ended up tweaking it as I went. Here’s what I came up with:

45 Minute Cycling Workout

Time Resistance RPM
0-2 4 80
2-5 12 90
5-7 10 100
7-8 8 105-110
8-11 12 90
11-13 10 100
13-14 8 105-110
14-17 12 90
17-19 10 100
19-20 8 105-110
20-30 Alternate 1 min @ 5 and 1 min@ 15 85
30-32 4 70-80
32-42 10 :30 sec sprint (<115); :30 recovery
42-45 4 Cool Down

As I said, I made this one up on the spot and tweaked it as I went. You should feel free to do the same. Crank up or turn down the resistance as you need. I was breathing heavy and dripping with sweat by the time 42 min rolled around. I ended up going almost 13 miles.

Almost 13 Miles in 45 min. Good workout.

Almost 13 Miles in 45 min. Good workout.

After I was done I did some abs and an accomplishment that I am quite proud of that I will tell you about in a post tomorrow!


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