Tunes on Tuesday!

My day is starting nice and early this morning. A 6 a.m. flight will do that to you. I am returning to Philadelphia for my final month of college. How scary is that?

As I read other blogs I have noticed recurring posts. What do I mean? Things like my sister-in-laws “10 things” posts. I like the idea so I have decided to start a recurring post of my own: Tunes on Tuesday. Remember my  country playlist from last week? I said there would be many more playlists to come, so why not make it a weekly thing.

While most of my playlists will be upbeat and perfect for running or lifting, I decided to go a little calmer this week with a yoga playlist.

Om-mazing Playlist


Only Time-Enya

May it Be-Enya

Teardrop-Massive Attack

Losing Keys-Jack Johnson

Heartbeats-Jose Gonzales

Born on a Different Cloud-Oasis

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room– John Mayer

Forever– Ben Harper

Hurt– Johnny Cash

Infinity– Merrick

If you recognize some of these and are a movie buff it is because I pulled several of them from some movies: Destiny is in both Blue Crush and Obsessed, Teardrop is the theme song from the show House, Born on a Different Cloud is in the closing scene of the Butterfly Effect, Hurt is in the closing scene of Colombiana, and Infinity is in Heartbreakers.

I prefer real songs rather than the relaxing, lyric-free, nature songs that you sometimes hear in yoga classes. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes they are nice, but if I have a choice, I chose regular music. However, yoga is a very personal practice, so do what works best for you. As long as you don’t mind lyrics while you practice, this playlist is great.


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