Goals Revisited.

Remember my post long, long ago about setting goals for yourself? Did you set some? I did. Here they are:

My short-term goals. Written last fall.

My short-term goals. Written last fall.

Needless to say, with the exception of number 2, I have failed miserably. Almost as important as setting goals, is having a plan to reach them. There is where I failed. Miserably.

Here is how I failed:

Goal #1: Do 20 body weight pull ups by December 2012

Well, it is April of 2013 and can I do 20 pull ups? Not yet. As the season got under way, my strength training went on the back burner, pull ups included.

New Plan: Notice I said I can’t do 20 yet. I will absolutely do them, but I knew I needed a plan. So I decided to take the challenge. the 20 pull up challenge. I am just starting week 4 of the program and am proud to say that last night I was able to do 11 pull ups in a row. It’s not 20, but it is getting there. I now have a plan in place and am extremely confident that I will reach this goal. I am also changing the new deadline to June.

Goal #2: Run under a 21 minute 5k by May

This is the one that there is still a bit of hope for. It is the beginning of April and I could maybe train really hard for the next couple of weeks and get it, but I have a different idea.

New Plan: I am not sure that running under 21 minutes will be fast enough for me. Remember the 5k I ran with my parents last summer? It began as a challenge with my dad and, obviously, I won. Our family being as competitive as it is he obviously wants a rematch. So the date has been set for July’s Midnight Madness. By the time the countdown below runs out, I would like to be running around a 20 minute 5k. Right now I am trying to get a base, then I will start a training plan. Dad, bring it.

The countdown in my phone. It's serious.

The countdown in my phone. It’s serious.

Goal #3: Go to hot yoga at least once per week.

With the season and school I didn’t make it to one class per week unfortunately. After my graduation in about 5 weeks when I move home, I will no longer be able to attend my favorite yoga studio. However, I love what yoga does for me from flexibility to a mental release so I am going to have to figure something out.

New Plan: Go to as many classes as I can in the next 5 weeks and figure out a practice that works for me once I am back home.

Goal #4: Make at least one new clean recipe per week.

As the season got into full gear time became more scarce. It was easier for me to stick with what I knew and what worked. We also did a lot of traveling which didn’t help matters.

New Plan: With the season over and my class load extremely light, I have plenty of time to try new, delicious, healthy recipes. Be sure to check back for them.

New Goal: Complete the Terrible Treadmill Workout….the whole thing.

I posted about this workout late last week. I gave the terrible treadmill workout another try this morning and made a 15 minute improvement over last weeks 30 minute performance. I think I will get this one within the next two weeks. Here is my after picture:

Sweat much?

Sweat much?

Moral of the story: a goal without a plan is like a boat without a paddle (shout out Anders for the analogy–>thanks babe).


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