Goal: Achieved (x2)

I had a wonderful day today. It started off right with a recipe experiment that turned out better than I imagined and only got better from there. I achieved not just one, but two goals today. Most days I can’t even get one, let alone two.

First Goal:

Remember that Terrible Treadmill Workout I told you about 3 weeks or so ago? The one I could only do 30 minutes of before I was gasping for air and my legs were jelly? Ya, that one. I am proud to say, that today, I was able to complete the entire 60ish minutes of it! I would be lying to you if I said it was easy, It was ROUGH. I really considered quitting at about the 50 minute mark, but I stuck it out. I ended up sweatier than I think I have been in my life. I had to lose my shirt at about the 35 minute mark because it was so soaked with sweat that it was weighing me down. This is me after:



What you can’t really tell from that picture is that those shorts ARE SOAKED in sweat. And I didn’t bring an extra pair with me. Needless to say, it was a sticky walk home.

Second Goal:

This one, I owe to all of you. After registering for the Dash for Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness yesterday afternoon, I made a video asking for your help:

Next YouTube sensation right there, don’t you think?

Anyway, as you could see in the video, I set my initial fundraising goal at $500. I am so thankful to say that this afternoon I received an email from Gift of Life congratulating me for reaching my fundraising goal! I owe it to all of you who support me everyday. Thank you so much for your support. I truly appreciate it. I am blown away by people’s generosity and feel truly blessed to have you all in my life.

I have since raised my goal to $1,500 by next Sunday, April 21st. If you have not donated yet, and still would like to click here. Every dollar counts, and again, thank you so much for the support! You have all been amazing!

To cap off a great day, I joined some teammates for community service at CHOP. It was their annual Battle of the Bands event. Here are some pictures:

Eating ice cream.

Eating ice cream.


One of the bands. They were quite good!

One of the bands. They were quite good!


I am a Rock Star. Obviously.

I am a Rock Star. Obviously.

Hopefully tomorrow turns out to be just as wonderful as today!



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