Tunes On Tuesday!

Today’s Tunes On Tuesday is a guilty pleasure for me, and if any of you are 90’s babies, I have a feeling you will feel the same way. I took great pleasure in creating this playlist. I jammed out with each song, laughing at how dumb some of the lyrics are. What was I thinking when I was like 10??

Because last week was all about the girls, I decided to make this week all about the boys. Save one song, all of these on this playlist are from all male groups that were big in the 90’s. I admit to being a huge fan of all of them. I was even lucky enough to attend a 98 degrees concert when I was 8. That was back when Nick Lachey was a bigger deal than Jessica Simpson. She actually opened for him.

If you are a 90’s kid, I can PROMISE you will find yourself singing along and dancing to AT LEAST one of them.

photo (59)The Best of the Boy Bands

Space Cowboys- NSYNC

Bye Bye Bye- NSYNC

It’s Gonna Be Me-NSYNC

I Want You Back- NSYNC

Dirty Pop- NSYNC

Everybody- Backstreet Boys

Larger Than Life-Backstreet Boys

Every Other Time- LFO

Mmmbop- Hanson

Just the Girl- Click 5

Butterfly- CrazyTown

Here We Go- NSYNC

Total Time: 45 min

The Click 5 song is the only one that is not by a group from the 90’s. The style fits well with the rest so I decided to throw it in there. I realize the list is a little heavy on NSYNC, but what can I say, they cranked out the hits!

One of the freshman from my team today {Ahem…Sarah} made me feel old today when she told me she had no idea who the Hanson Brothers were. I told her to wait and listen to Mmmbop, convinced that she would recognize it, but she didn’t. She said it was before her time. What?! Am I getting old that fast?? Kids these days! 😉

Download this playlist and indulge in your guilty pleasure of boy bands. You know you want to!



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