A Month of Miles.

Happy May Day, Everyone! That is apparently not really celebrated out here on the east coast. How unfortunate. A May Day basket or two would have been cool. Maybe next year?

My mom told me that 6 inches of snow is expected for northwest Iowa today and as much as 18 inches in Denver. It is May, right? Despite the crappy weather in the Midwest and the Mountains it is a beautiful 70 and sunny here. I plan to go for a nice, long run in a little bit.

April marked the most miles I have run in a month maybe ever:

photo (60)I ran a total of 58.15 miles in the month of April. That’s almost two miles a day! I am pretty proud of myself and very thankful that I have avoided injury with such a drastic increase in mileage (0–>60 is pretty drastic I think).

For my last run of the month, yesterday I opted for some treadmill intervals. I actually lifted (like in the weight room…crazy, I know) and decided to hop on the treadmill quick for a little cardio. It was leg day so I didn’t feel like doing a long, pounding run. Here is what I did instead:

Tabata Treadmill Sprints

Time Speed
0:00-2:00 6.0
:20 10.5- faster or slower based on your fitness level
:10 Rest- hop off treadmill

Repeat 9 more times

7:00-10:000 3.0- walk
:20 10.5
:10 Rest

Repeat 9 more times

15:00-20:00 Cool down


As you can see, it is a quick little workout, but I assure you, it is tough. I was covered in sweat after it. Feel free to adjust the speed of the actual interval up or down based on your comfort level. It should be fast, but not a full out sprint. You could do this same workout without a treadmill, just run hard for :20 and walk or rest for :10. Give it a try!


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