Free Fitness App Reviews: Sworkit

It is one rainy, windy, gloomy, yucky day here. Again. Great unofficial start to summer, NOT! All of this crappy weather has derailed my 5k training with rainy, windy days and soggy roads. After two days with no runs under my belt, it was time to do something. I just really really really really REALLY don’t feel like getting back on a treadmill, so I decided to start something I have been meaning to start for some time now.

I have decided to start a series of posts reviewing free fitness apps available from the iTunes app store (I would do the android one as well, but I have an iPhone. Maybe I’ll try using my kindle as well?). The only way to review these apps is to actually use them. I’ve had a few downloaded for over a month now, I just hadn’t tried them yet.

Today, I decided to use one to get in an indoor workout. It is called Sworkit.

Review of Sworkit

Sworkit provides randomized circuit training workouts to keep you motivated to exercise and stay fit anywhere.

What is it?

Sworkit builds randomized circuit training workouts that you can do anywhere. You just choose which part of your body you want to work on and how long you have to work out. No equipment required.

How does it work?

First, choose what kind of workout you want to do from the main menu:

image (2)

Next, choose what part of the body you want to workout:

image (1)Finally, choose how long you want your workout to be:

imageEach exercise lasts for 30 seconds and there are 30 second rest periods spaced throughout the workout. There is an optional transitional period between each exercise (I recommend enabling this option). There is also a demonstrational video of each exercise if the drawings are not sufficient.

Who is this ideal for?

This could really be used by anyone because there is no need for equipment or a ton of space. It would be perfect for those who travel for business or pleasure and/or those pressed for time.


  • easy to use
  • customizable
  • no equipment necessary


  • calls time, but not the next exercise (this is available on Pro)


For the most part, I really like this app for those times when I am either short on time or space or for those times when I want to switch things up. The one thing I wish it did is call out the next exercise so that I didn’t have to look down at my phone every 30 seconds. This option is available with the upgrade to Pro, which is only $.99. In all honesty, the convenience of that may be worth that $.99 upgrade






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