Forgotten Graduation 5k.

In my “what have I been doing for the past two weeks” post I completely forgot about the other events that took place on the day of graduation. Oops!

So with graduation going on, both my family and Anders’ family were in town for the weekend. Anders’ cousin, Nina, has been following along with my recent string of races (5k and 10k) and said she wanted to do one with me. What better time than when everyone is in town? I hopped online and found a race just down the street from my apartment supporting the Bala Cynwyd trail on the morning of graduation, we didn’t have anything going on that day anyway, right? 

I called my dad up and asked if he was interested and he agreed, then asked Anders’ dad, Torben, if he would be interested. He reluctantly agreed as well. Anders was unfortunately not able to participate because of an ankle injury that had left him hobbling around just a week earlier.

Unfortunately, my dad was not able to make it to the race. His flight out of Des Moines on the Friday night before graduation was cancelled and he had to catch a flight to Newark the morning of graduation, where my mom was thankfully able to pick him up. The little setback didn’t keep me, Nina, and Torben from still running the race.

My former assistant coach, Sue, said she had ridden this trail on her bike several times and that it was very nice. I asked her if there were any major hills and she said no, except for a long gradual one. Little did I know what was in store…

The race began downhill for about a mile before turning around and running you uphill for 1.6 miles. Needless to say, the run down was wonderful, but the climb all but killed me; 1.6 miles is a long long long time to climb. Especially when you aren’t used to that.

Despite the 1.6 mile climb and battling a rather nasty chest/head cold I was able to finish 2nd for the women, 14th overall in a time of 22:14, just 2 seconds behind the women’s winner {bummer}. Nina finished 3rd for the women, 19th overall in a time of 23:17 and Torben finished 51st overall in a time of 29:32. Torben wanted to get under 30 minutes which he was able to do (I think that’s pretty awesome!).

I thought for sure Nina and I would get a medal, but unfortunately, all they did was give gift cards to the winners of each age group and the overall winners. For winning my age group I won a $25 gift card to Tony Rony’s which is a Philadelphia based chain a.k.a. does me no good now!

Here are some photos from the event:

Me after receiving my $25 gift card.

Me after receiving my $25 gift card.

The official results.

The official results.

Nina and I after the race.

Nina and I after the race.

Thank goodness I wore those running shorts, which happen to be my favorite pair! They were then put in the dirty laundry, which didn’t get stolen by the wonderful thieves who broke into my car before moving. Small victories!

I was bummed my dad couldn’t make it, but some things are just out of your control. We will have to catch a local race one of these weekends before our big showdown in July.

Although graduation day ended up being a long one, I definitely didn’t regret running this race that morning. It was a great workout before all of the food and beverage taken in over the day.



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