A Month of Miles and Park Bench Workout.

Is it June 1st? Because central Iowa’s Mother Nature did not get the memo. It’s a scorching 64 degrees and windy here on the 1st “summer month.” What a bummer.

Yesterday, the last day of May, was a decent day despite the wind. I decided to go run a hillier course than my normal at a local park.

Ada Hayden Heritage Park

Ada Hayden Heritage Park

Ada Hayden Heritage park opened up in 2006. It was formerly a rock quarry that the city of Ames purchased and remade into a nice park complete with miles of both asphalt and gravel trails. Fishing and small boats are allowed in the lake. The trails are frequently filled with walkers, joggers, bikers, and roller-bladers. The upper gravel trails in the back go past the Skunk River Overlook and the Prairie Overlook. I discovered these on my run yesterday and they were actually quite nice. Who knew.

All the rain has made the level of the lake rise to the point where it covers the hard surface trail in several spots. Unfortunately, I was forced to run through one of those spots leaving my running shoes SOAKED. Luckily, it was in the last 1/5 mile of my run.

After my 3.5 mile run, I decided to utilize one of the many park benches around the trail to do a quick strength training circuit for my 30 day challenge.

Park Bench Lower Body Circuit

50 squats

30 Bulgarian split squats- 15 each leg

1 minute plank

Repeat 3-5 times

I did this 3 times which took me about 10 minutes. Even though the guy in the video uses weights, body weight is plenty when you are doing high reps of split squats. Feel free to add some weight if it is too easy for you; whatever works best for you. If you don’t have a park bench, use a chair, set of stairs, or ottoman. Anything that you can use to prop up your off leg will work.  Give it a try!


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