Guest Post: Implementing Healthy Habits During Vacation

Sorry for being MIA for so long! I have been working like crazy trying to mow around these things:

Health-food berries. Acres of them.

Health-food berries. Acres of them.

Luckily, a few people have reached out to me about doing a guest post. This one is from Mike and is on staying fit and trim while traveling:

Implementing Healthy Habits During Vacation

When you go on vacation, it might be easy for you give up your healthy living routine because you may not feel like dieting or exercising. The problem that a lot of people have is that they forget that their vacations come to an end. Because of this, you will have to face unhealthy decisions that you made during your vacation. This could be overeating or gorging when dining out or it could simply mean avoiding exercise. By researching your hotel’s accommodations and knowing how to stay on track, you can have an enjoyable and healthy vacation.

One thing you need to do is to research the hotel and area that you will be staying. Most hotels do have gyms and pools available, but not all of them do. On a recent trip to San Francisco I did my due diligence by researching the area’s hotels on a reviews site. This site allowed me to look at a list of all the hotels in San Francisco in order of rank. From there I was able to click on any of them and see what amenities they offered, the price, and reviews from people who have stayed there before. This helped maximize the potential of my trip. More and more hotels are now offering yoga and exercise classes to their paying guests so that you can get in a thorough workout before heading out for the day.

If you’re traveling by plane, another thing you might want to think about doing is finding out if the airport you’re flying into has a zen, yoga or workout room available. Most airports are beginning to incorporate these rooms into their facility. For instance, the San Francisco International Airport has a zen and yoga room for individuals who want to exercise even when they’re traveling for business or pleasure. Establishing a routine while you’re on vacation can definitely help you to stay on track. There is no need to give up exercise when it can help to prevent excess weight gain during vacation.

Another issue that many people deal with is overeating while they’re on vacation. It can be a little too easy to gorge when dining out or to grab something quick while you’re on the run in the morning. The key is to make healthier choices for yourself so that you do not wind up overeating while traveling. This could actually be more simple than you think since most restaurants now have light menus available to individuals who are trying to cut calories and watch what they are eating in order to stay trim and lean.


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