One year later…

What a difference a year makes….


Hello! Long time no blog {at least on this one..}. I apologize for that, but it has been a crazy and hectic year. Keeping up with two blogs was just not realistic for me. Something had to get the ax and, unfortunately, it was this.


That being said, I’m back! And what a difference a year makes. I know that sounds quite cliché, but reflecting on this year, my life has made some crazy {but wonderful} changes. To sum them up:


Last year vs. this year:

Then Now
Location Ames, Iowa. Home. Basking in the glorious sunlight and heat. Centre City, Dublin, Ireland. Still basking in the occasional sunlight and warm(ish) weather.
Education Bachelor’s degree in Finance from SJU. One 12,000-word dissertation away from an MSc of Finance from Trinity College Dublin.
Occupation From lawnmower to babysitter, I sort of did it all to fund my Irish adventure. Risk Management Analyst Intern (that’s a mouthful isn’t it?) and I am absolutely loving it. Didn’t even know something like it existed a year ago. 
Plans Go to Ireland. Get my Masters. Apply to law school. Come home. Go to law school. Law school? Ew. Stay in Ireland. (what?!)
Running This time last year, the 4th marked the first time I broke 21 in a 5k. Running nearly every day and LOVING it. I haven’t run in nearly 2 months. I have had a knee injury since February that is still not clearly diagnosed. Hopefully, the results of a recent MRI will clear up the questions so I can get further onto the road to recovery. Still such a bummer. 
Basketball I was just becoming ok with playing a bit again. Basketball and I weren’t in a good place when I finished college.  I can’t imagine not being able to play competitively this year (assuming I can get my knee healthy). I have absolutely fallen in love with the game again. Even though it isn’t a huge sport over here, the atmosphere and everything is a lot of fun. I also ADORE my teammates. I seriously wouldn’t trade those girls for the world. Hands down, the best teammates I have ever had.


That’s a quick little comparison of some major changes that have happened over the last year. If I went into absurd detail on all of that {and more} this post would be even more excessively long. If you want a bit more detail, check out Sport Changes Life online. You can find all of my blogs from the year under the Scholar Blogs section. My roommate put together a great {but long} video of our year. It gives you a very good flavor of our year and is definitely worth the watch. Check it out here.


Until next time {which, I promise, will be soon}. Enjoy!


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