Getting Back on Track

If you can’t tell by the rant in my last post, I am pretty pro-cooking your own meals. It’s cheaper, healthier, and for me, quite relaxing. That being said, I get in a food rut just like everyone else. Since I have been in Ireland, the whole eating healthy thing kind of fell by the wayside. I had decided that for my year abroad, I was going to pretty much throw my philosophy out the window and experience everything traveling has to offer, including less than ideal {albeit delicious} foods. Between waffles and chocolate in Belgium, pints of Guinness and brown bread here in Dublin, and currywurst and gluwein {spell check on those two?} in Germany, I have slipped into some bad habits.

That, coupled with a somewhat limited budget relative to what I was used to on a student-athlete meal check in the States has resulted in me being in far worse shape than I would like. Add in the fact that I am not running at the moment due to injury and things only get worse.

For whatever reason, I decided last week that I was fed up and frustrated. Not being fully healthy for over 7 months has been absolutely head-wrecking {Irish saying that has been integrated into my vocabulary brilliantly}.

I have no doubt become extremely addicted to sugar over the last 10 months. That being said, often times, even packaged foods over here have substantially less sugar in them than the American equivalent. A Dairy Milk Carmelo a day is still not a good habit, nor is eating an entire package of Tesco Everyday Custard Cremes in one sitting. No matter how delicious they are.

While I await my MRI results, which hopefully arrive tomorrow or the next day, I decided to get the food back on track. What better way to do that than the 21 Day Sugar Detox? I have made it through a solid 15-16 days of it in the past, but have often slipped up at some point. Alcohol tended to be the downfall. The food was never a problem in the past. There are tons of delicious things to eat for the 21 days, but no alcohol in a college setting for 3 weeks, even as an athlete, was tough.


I started level 2 of the detox last Monday and am now 7 days in. The first few days cravings were extremely strong. You always want what you can’t have, and I was conditioned to have a sweet or two with my tea in the afternoon at work.

I managed to get through the initial days unscathed, but Friday was probably my biggest challenge. Not only was it 4th of July, but it was day 5 of the detox, which for me, meant MAJOR mood swings. I thought I was just in a bad mood because I was at work on the 4th of July until I read another detoxer’s testimonial and her description of her first week matched mine perfectly. She too said days 1-4 were fine, but day 5 she nearly bit everyone’s head off. To make matters more complicated, my co-workers and I went to a pub near the office to catch the second half of the France-Germany game. Rather than giving in to the social situation and having a pint or two {believe me, I was dying to have one} I went for a sparkling water and lime. I was also quite envious of the wings they ordered, though I was able to munch on the celery and carrots on the side.


My energy levels have risen considerably through the weekend and I am feeling pretty good at this point. Preparation has been key and has required a bit of extra time compared to before, but I know the results will be worth it.

I am not sure whether it is the rehab routine kicking in, the cleaned up diet, or both, but the knee is starting to improve. Hopefully, I get good news early this week.

I have several DELICIOUS recipes to share that I have been eating and I am sure many more will come up as I continue through this detox. I am bombarding my Instagram followers with pictures of my creations. You should follow me, too!

Are you addicted to sugar like me? Join me on the detox!





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