Excitement ABOUND!

It’s the beginning of day 9 and I can certainly say that I am back to my peppy self. The detox is now in full effect and I am starting to reap some of the lovely energy benefits. {finally}

Some exciting things have happened to me in the last 24/48 hours.


– Thankfully I grab the Metro every morning to skim as I am hanging out on my 5 minute DART ride each morning {for those of you non-Dublin-familiar-people, the Metro is the free morning rag handed out at most heavy traffic areas around Dublin}. If I am to be honest, my major motivation for grabbing it is to read the “Good on Ya”, “Ya Big Ride”, and my horoscope, but today I stumbled upon a delightful surprise. Kacey Musgraves, one of my absolute favorite artists of the moment, is putting on a show Thursday night AND it is only 17 EUR.Β 17!? Count me in. Ticket is already bought. From the looks of it, The Academy is a pretty intimate venue, making it even better. I am seriously so excited {in case you can’t tell}

2) The Official 21 Day Sugar Detox account on Instagram reposted my photo…TWICE!

-Ok, so this may seem a bit nerdy to be excited about this, but I don’t care. With 16,000+ followers, to have not one, but two of my food pics reposted is pretty cool in my book.

Avocado Stuffed Burger

Apple green bean

Don’t worry, I will be sharing the recipes for both of the above delicious creations very soon. Both were even more delicious than they looked.

Obviously, I was excited enough to tweet about it…and who replied? Dianne Sanfilippo, herself. Wooohooo!

21 dsd tweet

Happy Tuesday!




One response to “Excitement ABOUND!

  1. Shelby, what great fun to read you Fit to Frolic blogg again. It makes me smile and feel like I am talking to you.
    Good job on your no sugar for 21 days. I also have been doing, this not with commitment that you have, I have only had 3 days with any sugar for more than a month.
    Love you

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